Jakson Maxwell 2

The Genesis Codex – Jakson Maxwell Part 2

Jakson Maxwell 2

Jakson stood from his chair and removed his V-Phase helmet. He slowly opened his eyes letting them adjust to the shift in light and reality. He blinked them several times to clear up his focus and light sensitivity. In front of him, beyond the light spots, was his spare room just as he’d left it when he’d returned home from work last night. The rising sun was beginning to shine through his windows. A glance at his watch showed it was 6:30 am. He’d spent the whole night playing the new virtual reality game, ‘World at War’, with his friends.

“I need to get ready”, he said as he stretched and headed for his bedroom. He opened the door and there lying on his bed in the corner was his best friend, Chaco. A gorgeous brindled Belgian Malinois he’d rescued from the highway near Chaco Canyon. They’d been inseparable the four years since then. He never did understand how someone could leave such a beautiful, loving creature out there to die. Chaco jumped from his bed and ran to greet Jakson.

He reached down and rubbed the dogs head between his ears, “Hey boy. How are you? Did you think I left you? I’m sorry, I got caught up in that game. Go get your breakfast while I get ready.” Chaco took off in a flash towards the kitchen. His automatic feeder would have fresh food and water for ready for him. Jakson watched as Chaco ran to the device and pressed his paw on the dispense pad on its side. The device contained 21 small refrigerated containers that would dispense a serving of raw cubed beef into a food bowl and a quart of water into a water bowl when Chaco pressed the button. When he was finished eating he’d come and lie back in his bed and patiently wait while Jakson got ready.

Satisfied that his friend was taken care of for now, Jakson made his way to the bathroom. He started the shower, making sure it was nice and hot, and turned on the radio. An upbeat 80’s song was playing and he cranked up the volume. He disrobed and hopped into the steaming cascade of water. As he washed he couldn’t help but sing along with the song. Secretly he was glad no one but Chaco could hear him as he belted out the song with all he had. He wouldn’t know how to carry a tune if his life depended on it. After his shower he dressed into a shirt and tie and some khakis, and made himself some breakfast. Nothing to heavy. Just some toast and jam and of course a cup of steaming hot coffee and headed to the University lecture hall. It’s the first day of a new term and he was always nervous speaking to a new class.

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